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Chris Thornton-Deason

Faux Finishing

Faux Glaze Finishing

           Clear                 Light

Example A
Plastic Wrap Finish

• Comes in two bases clear and light.
• Turns all Ceramcoat Acrylics into beautiful sheer glazes.
• Lengthens drying time so you have more working time.
• More glaze means more transparency.
• Soap and water cleanup.

• Glazing means alter first color by applying a transparent layer of another color.
• May be used with combing tools, palette knifes, paper towel, sponges with this product you    imagination is your only limit.
• May go from one layer to several.
• May be antiqued or varnished.

Faux Finish Glaze Bases
Chris Thornton-Deason

Delta Creative Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint
Two colors of choice
Delta Creative Ceramcoat® Faux Finish Glaze Base Clear 5401
Delta Creative Ceramcoat® Faux Finish Glaze Base Light 5402
Loew-Cornell Glaze Brush 1”
Miscellaneous Supplies
Water container

Example A Two Different Glaze Bases
Plastic wrap

Using large soft brush basecoat in color of choice.
Mix equal amounts of color with each Faux Glaze Base Clear and Light. Using large soft brush apply thin coat of each dividing paper in half. Press on crumpled plastic wrap and lift immediately.

Example B Combing

Triangular Faux Finish Comb available local craft stores

Using large soft brush basecoat in color of choice.

Mix equal amount of color with Faux Glaze Base Clear. Apply using large soft brush. Run the side of choice on the comb through the wet glaze holding at the same angle as you would hold a pencil.  Be sure and wipe the comb on a clean paper towel after each pass across the surface. Here again your imagination is your only limit. Play and have fun. Example B left upper corner comb is rotate in circular motion, left lower corner vertical and horizontal lines, right side star at top and pull to bottom in wavy motion.

Example C

Applying (Positive) or Removing (Negative)

Seawool sponge, paper towel, rag

Using large soft brush basecoat in color of choice.
Left side mix equal amount of Faux Glaze Base Clear and second color. Apply even coat using large soft brush. Remove using one of the above tools.
Using same glaze mix pick up small amount on one of the above tools and apply to right half of paper.

Done with seawool sponge

Done with Decorative Stamp