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Delta Color Conversion Chart
Delta Ceramcoat to Americana Acrylics

Tips and Techniques

Chris Thornton Design Fun with Depth
A picture book on where and how to shade for added depth to your painting. This is something I have been sharing with my students since 1980. It was originally hand written, in about 1984 it was typed, then onto the computer, now the web and I can share it with everyone. Isn’t technology amazing! Believe it or not the paintings in this are all from the original text. They sure have been cut and pasted a lot!


Chris Thornton Designs Faux Finishing
Here you will find simple faux finishing techniques that are used repeatedly in my packets and books. This is also a picture book.

Chris Thornton Designs Faux Finish Looks
Rose Marbling, Moroccan Leather and Patina tin are featured here. Fun but effective pictures of the finished look.

Basic Techniques

This is really just a dictionary of how to’s on basic strokes and techniques. I hope it is helpful.

Note:  Pages may take a little extra time to download because of photos.