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Chris Thornton-Deason


With all e-packets there is no way to guarantee the color, as all monitors and printers are a little different. I have personally found that my printer does very well with Kodak Ultimate Paper 24Lb, 98 Brightness. This is not a photo paper but is a higher grade of copy paper. Of course you will always get the best results using photo paper, play with your printer and see where you get the best results.

I will always try my best to keep the MB size down to where everyone can download these fun packets, even those on dial-up. If the e-packet is not suitable for dial-up download because the file is too large I will make a note of it in the shopping cart.

Keep in mind it is not necessary to have the exact surface that I have. Most will fit on any surface. Please feel free to enlarge or reduce the packet to fit your piece.

When you download the PDF file be sure and save it on your computer!

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